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Past Projects

A Treasured Collection

I create worlds of creativity through my writings! A spiraling nexus of darkness and agony reign while the battle to embrace love and light become honour and truth. Characters mold the plot and story to weave their way to the destination.
Welcome the the realms of fantasy, where dragons, elves, goblins, and other wonderous creatures and monsters that own the night. Poetry of bards who sing lays of myths and legends. Horror stories that chill the very soul in gothic delights.

Bard of the Cryptic and Gothic.

Poems of love and darkness, light humour and lustful desires. As a reader you may find Edger Allen Poe or H.P. Lovecraft elements in the author's words, were tragedy and sorrow reign. But there is happiness and love overcome all odds. Myths, legends, fantasy, science, and magic collide, creating epuc stories. Tales of darkness and pain, survival and death. There are even calm moments to cherish.

"Bard of the Cryptic and Gothic is an emotional roller coaster. There's so much pain and ugliness with poems that are so dark, I was getting vibes of Edgar Allen Poe. It's terrifying and yet... absolutely mesmerizing. A must have experience."

~Jay Crudge

Ovate Oracle of Prophecy and Omens.

This is the author's second book of poetry and lyrics. Only small tales of epic disasters, mayhem, and sorrow. Let's not forget stories of love, magic, and happy endings. It seems the author has come to grips about how to deal with suicide. Every verse draws you into the depths of his lethal mind. More Edgar Allen Poe and even Sir Walter Scott elements can be found this time around.

"This book is... something else. The author has such a command of words and his abilty to create such vivid imagery is... extraordinary. These are not sumply poems and songs... they're real breathing experiences. This Kiltro guy is something else."                                      ~Jay Crudge

Druid Guardian of Nature and the Divine.

Welcome to the ever spiraling mind of the author. He has come to grips with mental health issues. Madness reigns here within the mists of darkness where light strives to break free to bring balance back to the spiritual warrior. There is such a blend of different genres: horror, fantasy, science, mystery, and comedy! Journey into these worlds where there is no happiness without suffering or how sickness of the mind can be so damaging. Let your imaginations sore and enjoy the rantings of a madman.

"Love, Fantasy, Comedy are all aspects of Druid Guardian of Nature and the Divine. But it has something more important than that. It has something REAL. RAW. PAIN. I want pain... and Kiltron is more than happy to give me that with his latest novel."

-Jay Crudge

The Poor Old Dragon

Digital download on Rakuten Kobo app.

A knight's agonizing journey for revenge turns into a new friendship bond. An adventure that takes flight into the dark reaches of a danger so hideous and full of a fiery rage, as to be consumed by uncontrollable madness. Who shall come out on top; knight or dragon?

Deranged Prophet

Demented Thoughts

Welcome to the twisted mind of the Deranged Prophet where worlds collide. Take this journey into the depths of madness and obscurity, where darkness reigns supreme. Tell tale stories and rants of diabolic deeds made real. Read famous quotes from history, people of the present, and author himself, that will make you wonder of his mental state. Delve into the poems and lyrics so heart retching that the pain of sorrow will reap through your very soul. You may not come out unscathed.



Upcoming Projects

New Material


The beginning of the novel.

The Seeking

“You are my Chosen Destiny, my Beloved!”


            High school. A place of higher learning, well more like a social gathering hangout for teenagers. Can be a fun place for most. Others, it’s a world of hell. The hallways, when full of people, is loud and crowed. Students move from class to class slam locker doors, rush about, and talk. A lot of talking happens here, even in class. A constant buzz of youth clamouring the halls. To think that high school should be the best part of a student’s life. Which is absolutely, not for some. I see a young fellow and I’m willing to bet he feels like a character in a movie that is not for him. I’ll guess the lockers feel like mere coffins of a dying education and an emotional wreckage of a path to nothing, ending up no where. Breathing air that felt like he was trying to breath in space. Ah! Think of the suffering you’re going to miss. I mean high school, right? High school, those are your prime suffering years. You don’t get better suffering than that. What would be the point of all the suffering without those you enjoyed suffering with, right? Just think of those who do not suffer. The happy teens, the popular ones, the jocks, preppies and well the others. Look at all the cliché groups. The metal heads or head bangers, emo, goths, freaks, nerds, geeks, valley girls, and well the others that do not belong to a group yet, associate with all of them. Then there are the loners. They don’t talk to anyone and well no one takes notice of them. They suffer alone, but not for long for she will be there for them when they, fall and she will catch them. She cares nothing for groups, gangs, teachers, rich, poor, or famous. They are all the same to her and she will have them all. But for now, she wants just one person, a special person, a man or a teen boy as it is. She must find him at all costs. She seeks The Chosen Consort, the one who shall fulfill her completely. She will know him when she finds him in this sea of happy suffering of high school students. They are like cattle being led to their pens to graze on the recycled knowledge of Office. She chuckled to herself at this thought. She paused, something had caught her interest. A teen boy of dark hair and a scruff of facial hair was well being a rebel. Oh! This she liked. The young teen was arguing with a teacher about washroom rights. She rolled her eyes the silliness of people at times was ridicules. The boy she took an interest in raised his middle finger over his back to the teacher and walked off. “Fuck you man!” He said calmly.

            “You can make your way to the principal’s office while you’re at it,” the teacher replied in a raised voice. She followed him into the washroom. He stood at one of the urinals taking a pee. She liked his penis and decided to touch it. It startled him, he looked around franticly, but he could not see her, no one could. She giggled. He heard her. She was going to have some fun while she was here. He zipped his pants hurriedly. She grabbed his ass cheeks and he jumped in the air. His eyed narrowed in suspicion. He walked around the washroom, searched every stall and found nothing.

            “What the fuck man?” he muttered to himself. He let out a breath went to leave. Once he reached the door, she spoke. “I will be coming for you soon.” She laughed. He stopped and looked around. Still nothing. He even wondered if there was a ghost. He knew it was a girl. He just could not place the location. He looked up. “I welcome the challenge,” he said sincerely. She continued to follow him down the halls of the school. He slapped hands with other students, gripped hands, and what looked like punching fists. A lot of the teens greeted him. Well I suppose he was popular among everyone here. I like this. She smiled. She thought it was time to make a day out of this adventure. She followed him next to the library. She was curious as to what book he may read. He stopped suddenly. Picked up a book the title read ‘The Daughter of Hell’ how interestingly enough this was. She made her decision. This was the one she wanted and would have at all costs. She would just hang around him for the rest of the day and see how he measured up. Occasionally she spoke to him and ask questions about his school work while in classes. At first, he would not answer. She thought it odd at first when he did start to answer her. He obviously did not think he was going crazy, but he spoke out of ear shot of everyone else or whispered low. She admired his intellect. He had an awareness that was beyond other humans. She was sure he began to sense her presence. Throughout the day she would test this theory. She would leave then come back and he would know she was there.

“Who are you?” he asked. She would only tell him when the time came he would find out. “When will this be?” he questioned.

“Very soon,” she replied. She kissed his cheek and it was brazening warm. He flushed embarrassed he looked around and a girl with long black hair stared at him. She smiled and blushed then glanced away. He did not know how to react. She was gorgeous, her dark blue eyes were penetrating. She looked over at him again and smiled shyly. He smiled back, he did not know what else to do. He heard a giggle.

            “So, you fancy her?” why don’t you talk to her then. She is very beautiful, and she likes you,” The girl’s voice taunted him in a playful way. “Talk to her after class. Get to know her.” He felt the voice’s hot breath upon his neck and it sent a thrill up his spine. His heart began to race. He would do it, talk to her.

            The buzzer went, and he rushed out to meet up with the dark-haired girl. He could not find her anywhere. He decided to head to his locker before next class. He put his books back and grabbed his other books for the next period. As he closed his locker the dark-haired girl stood before him.

            “Hi!” was all she seemed to be able to say as she blushed shyly. She looked at her feet. She held her own books in front of her.

            Josh cleared his throat, “Hi!” He said back. He did not know what else to say.

“Say something you dolt,” the voice said. Josh reacted and thrust out his hand.

            “My name is Josh Cromwell, pleased to meet you.” He smiled sincerely. She smiled brightly and took his hand.

            “I’m Raine Fairchild,” she said and brushed a lock of hair behind her ear. She looked up at him from under her eye lashes. “Now all you have to do is ask her out,” the voice giggled. Raine eyed Josh expectantly. “Would you like to go out with me?” Josh blurted. Raine’s eyes widened and joy filled her. “Yes of course,” she said excitedly. She kissed Josh on the cheek and walked away to her next class, a big grin spread on her face. She waved, spun around and was gone in the crowd.

“Well done Joshy poo,” the voice giggled. Off to class he went. Soon the day would be done. Later before he left the school after last class period, Josh went to restroom and washed his hands.

The girl’s voice spoke, “I have to leave now Josh. It was more then pleasurable meeting you and we shall hang again very soon.” He felt her hot breath in his ear then her touch on him and her lips meet his, her tongue invaded his mouth and burned. He saw her shimmering body momentarily and she was gone. He left the school a little stunned and confused by everything. His thoughts were interrupted by an arm that slipped into his. He smiled at Raine and she smiled shyly and hid her head in his shoulder. They walked for a while in silence before he asked where she lived so he could walk her home. What neither one of them realized was that they were being watched by Josh’s new found invisible friend. She giggled. She could not wait to interact with him again.  

Prophecy of the Goblin Queen

Chosen One, Volume 1

She has a grand plan to take over the world of Darokyn. The Goblin Queen, scourge of the gods. The Chosen One has been born and she will do what it takes to rule and conquer. What the corner of this universe does not know is that her lusts and desires are never satisfied. She will ravage the world, races, and the very gods themselves to achieve her means.


"I need to feel pain or, I would never feel you at all."



The Writing of derangedprophet

Literary Portfolio

I live by the wise words of Personal Agony: ” I put everything I have into each piece I work on.- I give it my all. Explore my portfolio and if you’d like to learn more about my body of work, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Deranged Thoughts

Musings of a madman



My life was comfortable until Thomas Edison.

Sometime we are more comfortable in the darker places, where we can have quiet and focus on what is important to us.

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